Empower your child
to discover themselves

Child-led learning for kids ages 1-5


uriosity is our pathway to learning

We passionately believe that children learn best when they follow their interests. That's why our approach is inspired by the Reggio Emilia method, focused on self-directed, experiential learning. Our children chart their own path to discovery while we guide them with engagement,  encouragement, gentle direction, and caring.


amilies are our full partners

Parents and guardians are a child's first and most important teacher, and as such we integrate them as full partners into every aspect of our program. We look to parents for close communication, flexible involvement, and supportive guidance, not only regarding their own child's education but regarding the direction of UDCC for all students.


ur children grow up strong

We nurture our students to develop a love of learning, a confident identity, a firm sense of fairness, and the skills to stand up for themselves and others.


hild development is who we are

Our amazing teachers and staff are not only devoted to their UDCC students but to the profession of early childhood development. We love what we do and we work hard to bring the best our field has to offer to our children, using knowlegde from our anti-bias training, our in-house teacher-coaching, our annual training, and so much more.


nvironment as our third teacher

As part of our Reggio Emilia inspired approach, we strive to create environments matched to the developmental stages of our students, to inspire curiosity and exploration, promote critical thinking and problem solving, and build relationships,  


mpower your child to discover themselves!