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Welcome to University District Children's Center (UDCC)!

Our mission isto provide a nurturing environment that values diversity and buildscommunity by honoring and respecting all children and families.

Vision-UDCC’soverall purpose is to provide a warm, nurturing and developmentally appropriateenvironment that respects and values the individual temperament, needs, andculture of the children and families we serve. We believe each child deserves asafe space to explore, wonder, and discover. Classroom and outdoor environmentsare designed and prepared daily for children to explore, create, learnand  discover themselves. Teachers pay careful attention to individualinterests by observing, recording, and listening to children's play. We provideopportunities for children to practice collaboration, problem solving,listening, and resolving conflicts. Our goal is for children to have a strongsense of themselves and the world, be socially competent and able tosuccessfully navigate the world.

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EasyFolios is our system for managing everything about UDCC. Its goal is to inform parents, inspire teachers, and celebrate children. It makes it easy to share photos, stories, documentation, and notes with parents. Parents are updated with real-time notifications on their phones and computers.

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